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Rafting Tour in Chuquicahuana 1 Day

  • Rafting
  • River Rafting Cusipata
  • Rafting
  • River Rafting Cusipata

Rafting full day

This adventure tour takes place in the Vilcanota River in the Sector of Chuquicahuana, an ideal place for rafting, the fast flowing river challenges you to experience one of the most fascinating adventure activities in Cusco.


They will pick you up from your hotel between 08:30 and 09:00 a.m to immediately take you to the Casa Cusi camp, where you will leave your belongings in a locker, there you will also be provided with the equipment to do boating (helmet, polypropylene suit, jacket ).

After a safety talk given by the guide, we will drive to Chuquicahuana where the adventure will begin. You will enjoy rafting for an average of 2 hours and then return to the camp where you can change clothes. If you want you can enjoy the sauna and a good hot shower while you wait for lunch. You will return to Cusco averaging at 5:00 pm (photos and videos of the tour will be provided hours later with an additional cost of 25 soles).


  • Round trip transportation.
  • Rafting equipment (helmet, life jacket, windbreaker, polypropylene suit, boat and oars)
  • Professional rafting guide.
  • Lunch (vegetarian option available). P
  • hotos and videos (inform in advance as it has an additional cost).
  • Emergency kayak


  • A set of extra clothes
  • A pair of sandals to use at the time of rafting.
  • Sunscreen.
  • A small towel
  • Bath clothes for use under the polypropylene suit.




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