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Humantay Lake 1 Day

  • Lake Humantay Full Day
  • Lake Humantay
  • Laguna de Humantay
  • Humantay Salkantay
  • Laguna Humantay Full Day
  • Lake Humantay Full Day
  • Lake Humantay
  • Laguna de Humantay
  • Humantay Salkantay
  • Laguna Humantay Full Day


Tour Adventure

Humantay Lake is easily one of the best day trips you can take from in Cusco. It’s one of the most gorgeous places  If you’re planning a trip to Peru, don’t miss this hidden gem!


Cusco  – Mollepata – Soraypampa – Lake Humantay   – Cusco

You will be picked up from your hotel among 04:30 am and 05:00 a.m , the first place to arrive is Mollepata, 2 hours from cusco city, there we will have the breakfast, after that we will go through different towns on our private transport to Soraypampa (3850 m.a.s.l) from there we will start our trekking up to the Humantay Lake (4200 m.a.s.l) with beautiful views and the impressive snow-capped Salkantay and Humantay. The walking up is easy at the beginning but it turns into a climbing way while walking to get to the lake 1Hour and half approximately, fortunately there is the option to rent a horse in case you are exhausted. Having arrived to the lake you will have enough time to take pictures, bring an offer to the Apus, Swimming in the lake it is only possible in sunny season. We will start the way down to Soraypampa, 1Hour and half more, which is easier than the way up, then we will get on our bus to come back to Mollepata where we will have the lunch and after resting a little we’ll return to Cusco, time to arrive is at 6 p.m. approximately.

Meals:  Breakfast – Buffet Lunch

Distance to  Walk : 6 Km.


Transport Round Trip


Buffet Lunch

Entrance Fee

Professional English/Spanish speaking guide

First aid kit

Not included





Daily Departure  ( Group Service)    

USD40.00  Per Person. Group from 10 -15 People) BOOK NOW

 Private Service ( upon  your request )

USD 120.00 Per Person  (Minimum 2 People ) BOOK NOW
USD 90.00 Per Person  (Minimum 3 -5 People ) BOOK NOW
USD 60.00 Per Person  (Minimum 5-8 People ) BOOK NOW




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